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Worksheet seven In Viaggio in Italia , an English couple, the Joyce’s, Alex and Katherine, drive down to the Neapolitan coast in their Bentley to settle an inheritance of a house left to them by their uncle Homer. The house is in a splendid location overlooking Capri, Ischia and Sorrento and overlooked by the still active volcano of Vesuvius whose last eruption was just after the war in 1948. Their surname (Joyce) is not at all casual. James Joyce, who lived for sometime in Italy, in Trieste, where among other things, he managed a movie theatre, wrote a long short story, a novella called The Dead that was published in 1914. On their first day in the Neapolitan house that the Joyce’s are seeking to sell, after lunch, sleepingly relaxing on the terrace, Katherine is reminded of a poet she was close to and possibly in love with, Charles Lewington, who was ill and died of tuberculosis. She remembered him for the spirituality and ethereal aspect of his poems that he had set in Italy where he was during the War, an Italy Katherine finds to be sensual and bodily, rather different than Lewington’s Italy. The story of Lewington closely resembles the story told in the novella by Joyce. The novella and the Rossellini film are stories of a self-awareness provoked by memory and the past and the disruption and jealousies and regrets it creates in a marriage. The citation of Joyce’s work, though not acknowledged, is one of a number of moments in which the past and memory are called up in the film juxtaposing multiple worlds
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Worksheet 7 - Worksheet seven In Viaggio in Italia an...

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