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Exam 2 Note Review 2 - Note Review 2 1 Political distrust...

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Note Review 2 1. Political distrust has generally increased/decreased since the 1960s. 2. The ___________ are the organizations that gather, package, and transmit the news through some proprietary communications technology. 3. The news media in the US developed primarily as ___________ business enterprises uncontrolled by government. a. Public b. Private c. Neutral d. Illegal 4. Newspapers were supported by political party sponsorship. T/F 5. The development of __________ helped to lower the cost per newspaper allowing them to be sold relatively cheap. 6. During the _______ Age of Newspapers, newspapers held a monopoly and decided what it would or would not print. 7. When newspapers and television became available, information could be received quick and easy without delay. T/F 8. __________television was introduced in the 1970s and could receive an expanded number of channels and became available to extended locations. 9. The first 24 hour news outlet was a. ABC b. NBC c. CBS d. CNN 10. The _________ hasn’t changed news delivery in the US instead it just uses a different delivery style that is quicker to update and cheaper to post news. 11. Virtually unlimited news programming has not yielded a better-informed
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Exam 2 Note Review 2 - Note Review 2 1 Political distrust...

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