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LectureFeb14 - o One traveler account(5 th century felt he...

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Lecture Feb 14 2008 3 types of architesctiture Buddhist o Rare in south asia, mostly confined to srilanka o Stupas-major form of Buddhist architecture Hindu temples o Lots of these, still being built today o Many Old (5 th century on), largest built during medieval times o Even seen outside of india (eg. Chicago) Muslim Architecture o Comes after the guptas Guptas (4 th -6 th century) The great classical rulers of india Ruled the mauryan empire, but were much wealthier Expanded agricultural businesses Architecture shows a lot about societies These temples epitomized sedentary society Monumental temple architecture o More and more people are becoming peasants Peasantisim Plays and Literature come into the culture How are social conditions of this time?
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Unformatted text preview: o One traveler account (5 th century)- felt he was born in the wrong country (china) o India= “The land of the moon” o “He would have said ‘it was great’”, received free food peaceful Universal/free health care hospitals for animals no capital punishment/ no torture • Shakas- destroyers of everything ARGHHH Slides 1. Stupas- made of bricks, looks like a big mound of dirt, No inside, relic of Buddha on the top (hair, bone) NOT IN INDIA!!! 2. Islam-Arches, domes, and supports 3. Trabeate-no arches, no cement, stones piled on top of each other • Roof one looks like bullet (shikard ) , one looks like a pyramid • Erotic freezes Islam prohibits the image of god (Muhammad)...
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