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Exam 3 Note Answers 2

Exam 3 Note Answers 2 - 19 C Party labels are the most...

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Note Review (Elections and Political Participation Answers) 1. False 2. C. Voting 3. E. None of the above 4. B. Same day registration 5. Voting Rights Act of 1965 6. Lower 7. C. Geographic region 8. False 9. C. Same day registration 10. True 11. False 12. C. Extending the right to vote to women 13. d. Only answers A and B 14. b. Voting in elections 15. d. None of the above 16. Citizen activists 17. E. A and B only 18. False
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Unformatted text preview: 19. C. Party labels are the most important shortcut used by the voter. 20. e. A and C 21. True 22. a. Negative campaigns can work 23. b. Try to stay away from free media 24. True 25. C. Resolve the problem of undue influence 26. b. Can be very hard to trace 27. False 28. d. Established limits on spending 29. b. People find new ways to donate to campaigns, adapting to the new system...
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