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Exam 3 Note review 2 - Note Review(Elections and Political...

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Note Review (Elections and Political Participation) 1. Having infrequent elections ensures that delegates follow constituent interests. (T/F) 2. What is the most common form of political participation? a. Campaign contributions b. Involvement in interest groups c. Voting d. Writing letters to elected officials 3. Who was able to vote at the founding of the United States? a. All Americans, regardless of sex, age, or race b. All white males c. All males d. Males over 21 e. None of the above 4. Which of the following were NOT used to limit voting rights of African Americans in the South? a. Literacy tests b. Same day registration c. Poll taxes d. White primaries e. All were used 5. The ____________ Act finally guaranteed African American suffrage. 6. A ______ percentage of Americans vote in elections than in European Democracies. 7. All of the following impact voter turnout EXCEPT: a. Internal efficacy b. Education c. Geographic region d. Age e. All of the above impact voter turnout 8. Having a high external efficacy means that an individual has confidence in his/her ability to participate in politics. (T/F) 9. Which of the following is an institutional factor affecting voter turnout? a. Age
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Exam 3 Note review 2 - Note Review(Elections and Political...

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