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Presidential Elections Absent Notes

Presidential Elections Absent Notes - POLS 1101 11.29.10...

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POLS 1101 11.29.10 Presidential Elections Timeline o Invisible Primary Following midterm through the Iowa Caucus Iowa Caucus is the 1 st official primary/caucus event o Primary Season January of election year through mid-summer o General Election Season Mid-summer through election day in November Invisible Primary o Involves: fundraising o “Honing” their message o Travel and visibility o Debates Primaries o Both parties instituted major rule changes in 1972 o Delegates are collected by one of two methods: Primaries (34) Caucuses (20) o Frontloading Primaries Pushing up the primary elections Helps well-known candidates
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Helps well-financed candidates o Democratic Primary Proportional Allocation Pledged (80.4%) Superdelegates Unpledged (19.6%) o Free-agents; can choose to give their vote to whomever they choose. o Republican Primary Winner-take-all Electoral College o Win a majority of electoral college votes
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