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PRECALCULUS – MAC 1140 – FALL 2008 Instructor: Barry Griffiths E-mail: [email protected] Class Time: MWF 2:30-3:20pm Class Location: ENG2 102 Office: MAP 115 Textbook: Precalculus , by Sullivan (UCF customized version, available in the bookstore) Course Structure: Lectures, with online homework and quizzes, and exams in the testing lab Online Homework: There will be weekly graded online homeworks and quizzes, which utilize the My Math Lab software packaged with your textbook. As these assignments must be completed online, students will be expected to have access to a computer. There are computers with My Math Lab installed in several of the computer labs on the main campus. Homeworks will be assigned about a week in advance and due no later than 11:59PM on Wednesdays . Information on how to register and access the software will be given in class. It is your responsibility to keep track of when the homeworks are due and allot enough time to complete them. The due dates will not be extended. Homework assignments can be repeated an infinite number of times within the time period specified; the latest submission is the one that counts towards your grade. Homeworks constitute 7% of your course grade. Online Quizzes: For each of the online homework assignments, there is an associated online quiz that needs to be completed no later than 11:59PM on Thursdays . In order to begin the online quiz, you must score at least 70% on the associated online homework assignment . (If you do not score a 70% or higher on the homework by the due date, you will not be able to take the associated quiz which will result in you earning a 0% on that quiz.) Quizzes can be taken up to seven times and the highest score of all the attempts will be the recorded grade for that particular quiz. Quizzes constitute 8% of your course grade. In the unlikely event that you are unable to access My Math Lab through the website, please use the following: . Calculator: You may use a Texas Instruments TI-30XA calculator on the tests. You may not use any other type or model calculator in this course. Cell phone calculators will not be permitted, nor will be sharing calculators. Use of an unauthorized calculator will result in a grade of zero and possible disciplinary action. Tests and Final Exam: There will be three tests throughout the semester and a comprehensive final exam. They will be administered in a dedicated testing lab and it will be your responsibility to register for them through a dedicated website. (See test scheduling and testing lab policy and procedures section of this syllabus.) All tests must be scheduled during the allotted time period for that particular test. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, a grade of zero will be given for the test . Exam dates:
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mac1140.02 - PRECALCULUS MAC 1140 FALL 2008 Instructor...

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