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NUMBER THEORY – MAS 3203 – SPRING 2010 Instructor: Barry Griffiths E-mail: Class Time: MW 4:30 – 5:45pm Class Location: CL1 320 Office: MAP 115 Textbook: Elementary Number Theory with Applications , by Koshy (available online and in the bookstore). Many textbooks were considered before this one was chosen. While there are several outstanding introductory levels texts (those by Burton, Rosen, Dudley, Jones/Jones, and Hardy/Wright in particular), I hope that you will find Koshy’s text easy to read, that it stimulates your interest in the subject, and helps increase your knowledge while maintaining a mathematically rigorous approach. We will cover chapters 2-4, 6-7, 9, and 11-13. Typed notes will be available online prior to each lecture (, which will allow you to concentrate on the material instead of writing. Homework: Eight homework assignments will be given during the semester, which will count for one third of your overall grade. Each will consist of ten questions, ranging from basic calculations that should take no more than a few minutes, to challenging proofs that may require several days to think about and complete. Each homework will be collected on the due date shown below, and grading will be conducted on the basis of precision and presentation. Because this is an upper-level class, there will be a strong emphasis on writing proofs, which means that simply obtaining the correct answer is generally not sufficient. Students are permitted and encouraged to work in small groups. Quizzes: Seven short quizzes will be given, and each will last between 30 and 45 minutes. They will be of a similar standard to the homework questions assigned, and will contribute a third of your final grade. Exams:
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mas3203.L01 - NUMBER THEORY MAS 3203 SPRING 2010...

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