mgf1106.02 - FINITE MATH MGF 1106.02 FALL 2006 Instructor...

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FINITE MATH – MGF 1106.02 – FALL 2006 Instructor: Barry Griffiths E-mail: [email protected] (Note: E-mails to faculty should always be written formally, with no use of internet slang) Office: MAP 115 Textbook: The Finite Companion , by Caron and Griffiths (available in the bookstore) Quizzes: A short quiz will be given at the end of each discussion class. They will be of a similar standard to the homework questions at the end of each section in the book. Online Homework: There will be eleven online homework assignments. Go to to register and log-in, using the instructions printed on the last page of the syllabus and the access code enclosed with the textbook. Exams: There will be five midterm exams, and a comprehensive final exam. When you finish an exam you should submit your Scantron (which will not be provided, so be sure to bring your own) and your test paper. The use of graphing calculators is not permitted, nor is the use of cell-phone calculators. Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for an exam will automatically receive a score of zero. Grade Policy: The course grade is determined by equally weighting the top four scores from the five midterm exams, the (mandatory) final exam, the online homework, and the quizzes. Final grade assignment follows the standard scale: A : 90-100% D : 60-69% B : 80-89% F : 0-59% C : 70-79% NC : Cannot be awarded in this class Attendance/Etiquette: It is strongly recommended that you attend all lectures, and pay attention. Experience has showed that students who regularly miss class do not perform up to their potential and often fail the class. Once inside the lecture hall you should turn
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mgf1106.02 - FINITE MATH MGF 1106.02 FALL 2006 Instructor...

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