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MGF 1107 – EXPLORATIONS IN MATHEMATICS LECTURE 1 Chapter 1 – The Mathematics of Voting In general, elections seem to be a simple process – you vote for the person you wish to represent you, and the candidate who obtains the most votes is elected (though there have been notable exceptions). However, when more than one choice is involved in the election, or when voters are asked to rank their choices, the process is not as simple. The outcome of the election is greatly influenced by the voting system used. Ex. A couple cannot decide on which Disney theme park to go to, and so ask four of their friends who have been to all four parks to rank them according to which one they enjoyed the most. The results were Choice Friend 1 Friend 2 Friend 3 Friend 4 First Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom Second Epcot Epcot Epcot Epcot Third MGM Studios Animal Kingdom MGM Studios MGM Studios Fourth Animal Kingdom MGM Studios Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom If the couple decided to just look at which park their friends liked the most, then a tie would occur between the Magic and Animal Kingdom. But it could be argued that they should go to Epcot as it ranked second
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mgf1107lecture1 - MGF 1107 EXPLORATIONS IN MATHEMATICS...

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