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History 142 Feb 19 2007 Islam- enormous amount of Indians that have converted to islam beginnings in middle east but moves to india and Indonesia Muslims perceived themselves as ultimate monotheisim, going beyond judasim and chirstiantity seal of the profits; archangel Gabriel speaking to muhammed capital of muslim world-Bagdad, and mosque in jerulsalam mecca as a muslim only city but not into medina which is really the most difficult and most important holy city 622 B.C Hijra Islam Muslim(a) Koran is the sacred book to be a muslim you do not need to be an arab, but it gives you a higher status to be an arab mostly because you can rea the Koran in the only text that it can be written, Arabic. And you can understand as an arab speaker what it is saying. Many who read and memorize the karan as aislam dictats the holy man does, do not understand what it is saying as it is not a language they
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Unformatted text preview: speak. • muslimes think of india as the most difficult of all conquests. (islam aspired to conqur the world and spread the faith; jihad) • 140 million muslims live in india, 150 million in Pakistan, 120 million in Bangladesh • 5 pillars of islam o 1 god (allah), Muhammad is his profit o Zakat , giving of 5% of your income to the beggers/poor. An obligation, not optional o Prayer- 5 times a day towards mecca o Fasting during Ramadan o Haij- visiting mecca, not an obligation, but if one can afford it, should do it once in a lifetime o 6 th piller of islam=JIHAD • Muslims are not trying to convert people • Agricultural revoltuoin at the time started in india whith the arabs encountering crops they had never seen before and were able to tranfprt to different regions tof the middle east and spain....
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