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BUS328 Essentials of Quantitative Methods Page 1 Huntingdon College School of Business and Professional Studies COURSE NUMBER: BUS328 COURSE NAME: Essentials of Quantitative Methods Fall 2010, Session III, Montgomery INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Dr. Howard Clayton CONTACT INFORMATION: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION:   Presentation of quantitative methods essential to topics covered in BUS 329 and MGMT 330. Topics include foundations of algebra (e.g. properties of real numbers, order of operations, ratio & percentages, exponents & scientific notation), solving word problems, graphing and solving systems of linear PREREQUISITE: None TEXTBOOK: Elementary Algebra, Third Edition   by   Tom Carson; Bill Jordan (with MyMathLab Homework System), ISBN-13: 978-0-321-62438-3. Either (purchase from Huntingdon bookstore) special combined print version & MyMathLab package (optional), or E-book (purchase online www.coursecompass.com) which permits automatic access to MyMathLab; ISBN-13: 978-0-321-66564-5. Note: MyMathLab is mandatory but E-book option is less expensive than print plus MyMathLab. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: Week 1: This portion of the module is a review of manipulations involving order of operations, ratios & percentages, as well as solving simple linear algebraic equations. We also review exponents and scientific notation. Upon completion students will be able to: 1. Simplify a numerical expression involving a combination of arithmetic operations by following the correct order of operations. 2. 3. Solve a linear equation in one unknown. 4. Change of the subject of a formula 5. Manipulate simple expressions involving exponents. 6. Express decimals in scientific notation and interpret numbers written in scientific notation by computer programs such as Excel.
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BUS328 Essentials of Quantitative Methods Page 2 Week 2: Graphing and Solving Linear Equations & Inequalities – Preparation for Mgmt 330 In this portion of the module the rectangular coordinate system is reviewed. The graphing of two variable equations and inequalities are also discussed. Finally we look at the graphical solution of a system of linear equations and inequalities. Upon completion, students will be able to: 1. Graph an equation in two unknowns using intercepts 2. Graphically interpret an equation written in slope-intercept from.
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Bus328_syl - BUS328 Essentials of Quantitative Methods Page...

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