Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Assessment and Classification of...

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Chapter 3 Assessment and Classification of Abnormal Behavior To find the nature of mental disorder, the clinician must gather facts through observation, interview, psychological tests , reports of patients and their families. The evaluation of the information leads to psychodiagnosis, an attempt to describe to assess a person’s psychological disorder. I. Definition of Terms Diagnosis – To label an illness. Etiology – Causes of an illness which may be biological, psychological or sociological. Symptom – A sign of an illness or disorder. Syndrome – A group of symptoms. Treatment – Biological, psychological and sociological techniques and methods to control and alleviate mental illness. Prognosis – Prediction of the future course of a particular illness or disorder described in terms of favorable, unfavorable, or guarded. II. Assessment of Abnormal Behavior Assessment – The process of gathering information and drawing conclusions about an individual, generally leading to diagnosis. Four principle means of assessment are available to clinicians, which are observation, interview, psychological tests, and neurological tests . 1. Observation Observation is performed in natural settings, called naturalistic observation or under the conditions of laboratory called controlled observation . Objectivity should be practiced in conducting observation. 2. Interview Interview provides a good chance to watch verbal and non-verbal behaviors, the content of speech and other face-to-face factors. Structured and non-structured interviews can be conducted. Standardized interviews are formal and structured. 3.
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Assessment and Classification of...

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