Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Psychological Factors Affecting...

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Chapter 7 Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions Sudden Death Syndrome refers to unexpected abrupt death with no specific psychical basis. In the past, physical problems related to emotional problems were called psychosomatic disorders . This term was replaced by psycho-physiological disorders . They are different from conversion reaction since psycho- physiological disorders involve actual tissue damage and physical (organic) impairments. I. Models for Understanding Stress 1. The General Adaptive Model The three kinds of stressors are: a. Biological stressors such as diseases and infections. b. Psychological Stressors such as attack on self-esteem. c. Social stressors such as crowding, war, revolutions. Hans Selye proposed the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) and identified three stages: A. The Alarm Stage B. The Stage of Resistance C. The stage of Exhaustion Biological Consequences of Stress Sustained stress from psychological or social stressors may alter the course of a disease. Stress affects the immune system, making blood clot easier. Psychological consequences of Stress Disorganized behavior occurs due to the failure of coping mechanisms. Crisis decompensation refers to loss of ability to deal with stress. 2. The Life Change Model This model assumes that all changes in a person’s life, positive or negative, can act as stressors. Accumulation of small changes may be very powerful. On Homes’ Social Readjustment Rating Scale
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Psychological Factors Affecting...

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