Chapter 13 cont - Chapter 13 (cont.) Schizophrenia:...

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Chapter 13 (cont.) Schizophrenia: Etiology and Treatment I. Heredity and Schizophrenia Heredity is an important factor of development of schizophrenia. 1. Problems in Interpreting Genetics Studies The degree of genetic influence may vary among different types of schizophrenia. 2. Studies Involving Blood Relatives Closer blood relatives of schizophrenics run a greater risk of developing the disorder. To confirm a genetic basis for schizophrenia, research must separate genetic influences from environmental factors. 3. Twin Studies In general, concordance rates for schizophrenia among monozygotic (identical) twins (MZ) are significantly higher than among dizygotic (fraternal) twins (DZ). Major problem in such studies is separating heredity factors from environmental influences. 4. Adoption Studies To control for effects to environment, MZ twins were placed at birth in two different families. The results supported the genetic influence and indicated heredity playing a major role in transmission of schizophrenia. 5. Studies of High Risk Populations **Mednick’s Study – The best known developmental studies of one hundred persons with schizophrenic mothers (high risk group ) and one hundred persons with non- schizophrenic mothers (low risk group ). The results showed that genetic predisposition was important. The children of the severely disturbed mothers were also significantly more aggressive. II. Physiological Factors in Schizophrenia
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Chapter 13 cont - Chapter 13 (cont.) Schizophrenia:...

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