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Academic Dishonesty or Misconduct This form must be submitted with all projects and papers The following are some examples of Academic Misconduct and/or Dishonesty Copying or using a few sentences from an Internet source without footnoting or citing them in a paper Copying or using a few sentences of material from a written source without footnoting or citing them in a paper Copying material almost word for word from a written or web source and turning it in as your own work Receiving unpermitted help on an assignment Turning in a paper copied, written or completed by another student Turning in a paper obtained in large part from a term paper "mill" or website(s) Turning in work done by someone else Working on an assignment with others when the instructor asked for individual work Summarizing an article in your own words without citing author(s) and date within the text Using a direct quote without putting the text in quotation marks and citing the author,
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Unformatted text preview: date, and page or paragraph number Disciplinary action (as outlined by the Code of Student Conduct) will result in one of the following at the instructor’s discretion: • A substitute assignment or examination • A reduced grade for the assignment, examination, or course • A grade of zero or F for the assignment, examination, or course • A grade of F for the course Academic Dishonesty or Misconduct Form I (print name) ___________________________________________ have done all of the work on this (test/project/assignment) ___________________________________ on my own and have not plagiarized / copied / borrowed / etc., anyone else's work. Furthermore, I have cited all sources used within the text and on the reference page. Signed ______________________________________ Date _________________ Adapted from Dr. Sarah Kimball & Dr. Kay Bull, Environmental Science Program, Oklahoma State University...
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