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HLTH 4523 Health & Aging Stereotypes of Aging DUE: Wednesday, January 19 For the stereotype assigned to you in class, find two sources to support or refute this stereotype. Sources should be reputable, but do not have to be scholarly sources. Blogs or opinion pages are not acceptable. Write a short paper that includes the following: o Identify your assigned stereotype o Briefly review what the two sources say regarding your stereotype. o Discuss the truthfulness of the stereotype based on your sources. o Speculate about how this stereotype became associated with older adults or the aging process. Format: 1-2 pages, APA format (no cover page required) Bring a hard copy of your report to class on Wednesday, January 12th. Be prepared to share your findings with the class. Stereotype Assignments Aldrich, Lacey D. Older adults cannot hear. Alfred, Robyn L. Older adults cannot hear. Alfrey, Andrew J. Older adults cannot hear.
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