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HLTH 4523 Health & Aging Book Reflection Questions What Are Old People For? Reflection One: True Longevity What evidence of the „ doctrine of youth’s perfection ‟ do you see in the world around you? Discuss examples you may have seen last month, last week, or earlier today. Why and how does Dr. Thomas describe senescence as a ripening rather than a decline? Reflection Two: Becoming Human From your own experience, discuss five talents possessed by elders “that make them useful to their families and communities” (pg. 62)? In your own words, describe Dr. Thomas‟s cycle of intergenerational exchange (pg. 63)? Give three examples of how you have participated in this intergenerational exchange in your family. Reflection Three: The Rise of Elderhood Discuss our culture‟s influence on the “experience of living into old age” (pg. 68). Briefly describe the change in view regarding aging throughout human history. Give three examples of how an “elder rich” society might look. What benefits would society receive from this
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