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FinalExam2011 - HLTH 4523 Final Exam Final Exam Due...

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HLTH 4523 Final Exam Final Exam Due: Wednesday, May 4 th by 5:00pm (no exceptions) The Mid-term Exam is a take-home exam. Students may use any resource to complete these assignments, but may not discuss this exam with another person except the instructor. You are especially encouraged to use your course textbook and class notes, but other sources may be used to support your answers. The exam should be completed in MS Word using complete sentences and APA format. A cover page is not required. Please put your name in the top right corner of each page along with a page number (exception to APA format). All answers should be written in your own words and display an understanding of the concept rather than a restatement of the information from your textbook. This page with your signature should be stapled to the front of your exam. Your exam will be not graded unless it is accompanied by this page.
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