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GroupMemberEvaluation - Comment Preparation Was it...

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HLTH 4523 Health & Aging Group Member Evaluation *Complete one form per member of your group on the day that you lead the group* Your Name: Group Member Name (person being evaluated): Date of Discussion: Date Evaluation Complete: * must be within one week of the discussion* Topic of the Discussion: For this person, please rate each of the following items. Comments are required . Exceptional Good Average Poor Willingness to Participation Did the group member volunteer to answer questions without having to be asked?
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Unformatted text preview: □ □ Comment: Preparation Was it obvious that the group member had read the materials in advance? □ □ □ □ Comment: Contribution to the Discussion Did the group member share examples from the text that related to the question asked? Did his/her contribution demonstrate an understanding of the materials read for the discussion? □ □ □ □ Comment: For this group member, please indicate the strengths and weaknesses he/she brought to the discussion: Strengths (3 required) Weaknesses (2 required) Additional Comments:...
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