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A Quick Reference Guide for Creating a Presentation Poster The purpose of a presentation poster is to display projects in a professional, clear and intriguing way that grabs the reader’s attention. It should also allow for comprehension by the general population of readers. The Dos and Don’ts of poster making Do: Allow yourself enough time to complete the poster. One week minimum. This will also permit enough time for others to proofread it. Use no less than a 36-point font for text, 88-point font for the title, and 40-50 point fonts for authors. Font should be a sans serif type, such as arial. Choose 2-3 primary colors and consistently use them throughout the poster. Use strong primary colors for best contrast. Avoid patterned backgrounds. Avoid wordiness by using bulleted or numbered lists. Include references using APA format. This shows that you have done your homework, and that you are being credible in your research. Use a chronological sequence of progression in your project.
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