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HLTH 4523 Health & Aging Participation Guidelines/Grading 1 Participation Grading Your participation grade will be divided into three primary components: 1. Group Leader Report (50 points) 2. Book Reflections (50 points) 3. Attendance & Evaluations (50 points) All participation items, with the exception of attendance, should be submitted in a PARTICIPATION PORTFOLIO. PARTICIPATION PORTFOLIO FORMAT The PARTICIPATION PORTFOLIO should include the following items in this order: o Group Leader Report o Book Reflections o Evaluations of Group Leaders o Evaluations of Group Members All components of the portfolio should be completed using APA format The portfolio should be submitted in a folder with individual components appropriately labeled (ie. cover page or header). Late portfolios will not be accepted. All components must be submitted or the students will receive a grade of ZERO for Participation. Students will not receive a pro-rated graded for submitting portions of the portfolio. A description of each component of the Participation Grade follows: 1) Group Leader Report (50 points) All students will be assigned as group leader at least once during the semester. A schedule will be posted on WebCT early in the semester. Directions for leading a group are posted on WebCT. This section only includes
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ParticipationGuidelines - HLTH 4523 Health & Aging...

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