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Unformatted text preview: Human Resource Planning Planning Human Resources Employment Human Viability and success of organizations are Viability linked to their human resources linked Impossible to achieve mission and goals Design and deliver programs, services Employ qualified people to produce the level Employ of quality that participants expect of Most expensive resources Most Major management responsibility Planning for Human Resources Planning Dynamic entities- programs and services Dynamic change over time change Change in interests changes the duties and Change qualifications of those performing the work qualifications Systematically determines how change will be Systematically orchestrated in the existing job structure to meet future organization’s needs. meet Periodically examine the existing job structure of the Periodically org and take a talent inventory. org Determine the employees needed for the future, Determine including who is needed to fulfill the goals for creating diversity. creating Determine the gaps in employees between what Determine currently exists and what is needed. currently Determine the changes needed to move the org from Determine its existing position to a preferred employee position its Obtain the financial resources to make the human Obtain resource plan a reality resource Issues that affect human resource planning planning Financial resources Political issues Diversity issues Discrimination in the Workplace Discrimination Intentional and unintentional forms Applying one standard to one set of employees Applying and a different standard to all others- disparate or unequal treatment (intentional) or Disparate impact or unintentional Disparate discrimination- when supervisors adopt certain practices or making employment decisions that result in underrepresentation of individuals from a protected clas from Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) Civil Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Equal interprets and enforces this law. interprets Covers federal, state, and local governments, Covers public and private educational institutions, and private organizations that employ 15 or more individuals who work 20 or more weeks per year year Bona fide occupational qualifications Equal Pay Act of 1963 Equal Prohibits employers from paying different wage rates Prohibits for men and women performing substantially similar work. work. Federal, state, and local governments as well as Federal, private employers with two or more employees private Exceptions: seniority, meritorious performance, Exceptions: quantity and quality of performance, a factor other than sex (degreem experience, training) than Age Discrimination Age Age Discrimination in Employment Act Age prohibits discrimination in employment against those above the age of 40 against Refuse to hire, reduce an older worker’s wage Refuse rate, require older workers to pay more for benefits, eliminate or reduce the rate of an employee’s benefit accrual because of age employee’s Private employees with 20 or more employees Persons with disabilities Persons Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973Vocational protects persons with physical and mental disabilities against employment discrimination disabilities Protects qualified employees with disabilities Apply to employers receiving federal financial Apply assistance. assistance. ADA (1990) ADA Applies to all public and private employers Applies with 15 or more employees with Prohibits discrimination against qualified Prohibits persons with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of a job. essential Physical or mental impairment that Physical substantially limits one or more major life activities such as walking, seeing, speaking, hearing, breathing, and learning hearing, Write job descriptions and clearly identify the Write essential functions of all positions essential Employers may require a medical exam after Employers an employment offer has been made an Reasonable accommodations Making areas at the workplace accessible Buying or modifying office furniture and Buying equipment equipment Modifying work schedules Personnel Management Personnel Identify Potential Staff Job Description Advertising Qualifications Review - Screening Reference Checks Evaluation Job Description Job Expectations and Duties or Responsibilities BFOQ (bona fide occupational qualification) Qualifications require and preferred Qualifications Qualifications Communication (written or verbal) Experience Job related skills Attitude Education (formal education, formal and informal Education training, certifications, personal and professional experience, specific skills, personality, attitude) experience, Other information Other Codes Salary - Benefits Dates – revised or written KSA’s How position fits into organization Department and location FT/PT Job Announcements Job Typically, one-page printed statement Newspapers, journals, flyers Approved by organization director Information taken directly from written job Information descriptions descriptions Job Announcements Job Title of position opening Job duties and responsibilities Minimum qualifications needed by applicants Minimum (education, training, certifications) (education, Salary range Closing date for accepting applications Location of the job Where to apply, how to apply, and whom to contact Where for further information for A statement indicating equal employment opportunity statement organization organization Job-relevant information Job-relevant Communicate a spirit of equal employment Communicate opportunity for all potential applicants opportunity Avoid language that implies interest in only Avoid specific qualifications specific Young, attractive, enthusiastic aerobic Young, instructors wanted instructors May include noteworthy characteristics of the May organization Potential Staff Potential Retired - Older population Interns - College Grads Other Company’s Other Networking Requirements for application Requirements Letter of application Resume’ or vitae References (list and letters) Official transcripts Copy of driver’s license, birth certificate, Copy social security, pass port, etc. social Employment Application Forms Employment Job relevant questions Applicant’s employment history Level of education Certifications Special skills and training Personal information (name, mailing address, Personal social security, driver’s license number) social Managing job application materials Managing System for logging application materials Manage data from the data record forms Required by organization Required by government Communicating with applicants Screening of applicants Screening Determine eligibility of candidates Verifies that each candidate meets minimum Verifies qualifications Performed by individual to whom the Performed candidate will report to or screening committee committee Checklist or linear rating system Checklist Evaluation - Questions to Ask Evaluation purpose of appraisal what exactly should be evaluated specific criteria used who should assess when to assess where to do assessment specific techniques or instruments result used how Evaluation Purpose Evaluation Let employees know how they are doing motivate motivate help individual in terms of efficiency, productivity, and help competency competency enhance communication and employee feedback improve employee weaknesses encourage ownership, accountability, and employee encourage involvement involvement justify specific personnel actions by management Essentials of Performance Appraisal/Review Appraisal/Review keep it simple and short expectations should be reasonable, clear and understood and in writing seek input and use subjective and objective criteria inform staff of deficiencies as soon as they are detected provide opportunity for improvement have high standards and expectations take evaluation seriously be honest, fair, and consistent do not let personal differences distort process concentrate of areas that effect quality Public Relations Public Two way relationship between organizations Two of various types and the external and internal publics they service - purpose is to improve public understanding of agencies goals and enlist community support and program development development Goals of Public Relations Goals Provide accurate information regarding the overall program and offering of Provide the department to the general public to overcome misunderstandings, false impressions, or lack of information about organized recreation impressions, inform the public specifically about the services, facilities, and programs inform offered by the department and to encourage their attendance and involvement involvement impress the public with the values and benefits achieved by the department impress and to bring about a sense of satisfaction that the tax dollar is being well spent in this area spent Goals Continued Goals Keep the public fully informed of all major plans or policies of Keep the department the bring public attention to a specific project or program at a key bring time time encourage public involvement in the program in the form of encourage volunteer leadership, serving on councils or advisory groups or making other contributions or Responsibilities Responsibilities Everyone’s contact service appearance maintenance quality Specific department Audience Audience Shot gun wide range not tailored to specific group Rifle specific target group Public Relations Public Channels Print Media Television/Radio Motion pictures/slides/video Speakers Exhibits and Displays Annual Reports Tours and open houses Direct contact Internet Public Relations Public Channels Print Media Television/Radio Motion pictures/slides/video Speakers Exhibits and Displays Annual Reports Tours and open houses Direct contact Internet ...
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