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Philosophy assignment - related to personal values...

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Management Principles in Recreation and Exercise/Fitness Philosophy Assignment 25 Points The following assignment is due on Friday, January 28. Paper must be typed (computer-produced) and should be free of typos and grammatical errors. (Minimal 1-2 double spaced pages) 1. Prepare a personal work philosophy of leisure/fitness in relationship to a major school of philosophical thinking (such as realism, idealism, etc.) You will have to do some research on philosophies. 2. Develop your professional philosophy of leisure/fitness that includes information
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Unformatted text preview: related to personal values regarding issues such as youth at risk, obesity, cardiovascular disease, people with disabilities, expansion of technology, aging population, etc. You may want to include evidences of values, ethics, etc. You may want to use the following as guides to help you formulate your thoughts: 1. What is it that I really believe? 2. Why do I believe them? 3. Philosophy statement should be a telegram that tells of your beliefs about the profession or the issues; significance of programs....
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