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Policies and Procedures Section

Policies and Procedures Section - (how will you notify...

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Policies and Procedures Section: 1. Procedures for job postings (where will you post job announcements, how long will you leave the announcement posted. 2. Application procedures and deadlines (what must be included with application, where are applications turned in, how to deal with false information on application forms, incomplete applications, etc.) 3. Background investigations and reference checking (what background information will be checked or verified and by whom) 4. Interview process
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Unformatted text preview: (how will you notify applicants that will be interviewed, how will the interview take place in relation to questions – who will create questions, what forms will be used to evaluate interviewee, how will applicants not selected be contacted, will the candidates be compensated for their travel- if so, how much? 5. Employment Selection process (who has responsibility for notification of successful candidate, how will notification be made, etc.)...
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