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R ESUME C HECKLIST 1. Your resume should have a visual appeal that is easily read. Use a clean font (such as Arial or Times New Roman) with 11-12 point type. Be consistent with formatting – always place information in the same place within each entry. 2. Proofread your resume to ensure there are no spelling, typographical, or grammatical errors. Have it reviewed by a professional at UCO Career Services. 3. Organize information to have maximum impact on the reader – use reverse chronological order because the most important and applicable experiences, education, etc. are likely to be most recent. Also remember that the information noticed first will be toward the top and left of the page (ex. the job position/title should be listed on the left instead of the employment dates). 4. Use horizontal or vertical margins, capitalization, underlining, bold type and spacing to make your resume easy to read and emphasize the important points. Do not overuse these options.
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