schedule5 - Mar 30 Bring Job Announcement Post for...

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KINS 4433 Management Principles in Kinesiology Tentative Schedule Outline SPRING 2011 Class Begins Jan 10 Unit 1 Chapters 1-5 (Philosophy, history and theories, roles of managers, Organizational structures, systems and components) Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 17 Discuss Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives: Write Objectives Jan 25 Narrative Intro to Project, Philosophy Assign. Jan.28 Discussion Jan 31 Unit 2 Chapters 12-13(Budgeting, financial management, risk management) Feb 9 Test one Feb 11 No Class Feb 14 Section 1 Project DUE Feb 18 No Class (work on Section TWO) Mar 07 Personnel Procedures and Practices Mar 09 Spring Break Mar 14-18 Unit 3 Chapters 6-11(Human Resource Management, Public Relations and Marketing,Employee evaluation) Mar 21 Test Two: budget, finance, risk management and other Mar 23 Section 2 Project Due Final Section Due
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Unformatted text preview: Mar 30 Bring Job Announcement: Post for Positions April 6 Special Olympics (PC High School) April 7 Test #3 April 8 Bring Resume’ April 11 Written hiring procedures Job Postings/ Application Day (resume, cover letter, application) in Broncho Corral, 2 nd floor HPE April 13 Reflection on Special Olymnpics due April 15 Interview Questions and procedures April 18 Interviews April 20/25 Attend Research Symposium April 27 Justification Letter and group evaluations April 29 Final (Human Resource Booklet due) 9:00 AM May 6 These are some of the tentative due dates. By no means is this conclusive or concrete, but hopefully can help give some guidelines. Other assignments can be made along the way and dates may need to be change to coincide with course content....
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schedule5 - Mar 30 Bring Job Announcement Post for...

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