Syllabus - 3CreditHours MWF10:00amto10:50am EDU106...

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KINS 4433 Management Principles in Kinesiology 3 Credit Hours M W F 10:00 am to 10:50am EDU 106 University/College/Institution University of Central Oklahoma Department Kinesiology and Health Studies Course Name   Management Principles Course Number   KINS 4433 CRN 20550 Prerequisite   KINS 3623  Course Description This course This course will incorporate the study of management and administrative skills needed to successfully meet the demands of working in the areas of leisure, recreation, and fitness. It will include an in-depth look into areas such as administration, decision-making, personnel issues and budgetary concerns. Faculty Kim Quigley, PhD, RD          Wantland Hall Room 17  (405) 974-5364                        [email protected] Office Hours Mon and Wed 1pm to 2pm, Tues and Thurs 8:30am to  9am and Friday 8:30am-10am Semester Spring 2011 Required Text  Leisure Services Management , Hurd, Barcelona, and Meldrum. Transformation Field  Experience(s) (TFE) Special Olympics (service learning), Job Interviews (self- awareness), Program and Budget Development (creative activity) This course covers the following ACSM Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s): 1.11.1 Knowledge of the health/fitness instructor's role in administration and program management within a health/fitness facility. 1.11.3 Knowledge of how to manage of a fitness department (e.g., working within a budget, interviewing and training staff, scheduling, running staff meetings, staff development). 1.11.6 Ability to administer fitness-related programs within established budgetary guidelines. 1.11.10 Knowledge of basic sales techniques to promote health, fitness, and wellness services.
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1.11.11 Knowledge of networking techniques with other health care professionals for referral purposes. 1.11.12 Ability to provide and administer appropriate customer service. Instructional Methods and Techniques 1. Lecture 3. Class discussion 2. Independent study 4. Audio/ visual support Method of Evaluation A=90% and above/ B=80% and above/ C= 70% and above/ D= 60% and above/ F= Below 60% The final grade will be based upon total points (minus any deductions for attendance, tardiness or lack of participation) possible including all of the areas listed below.
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Syllabus - 3CreditHours MWF10:00amto10:50am EDU106...

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