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lower body Muscle Sheet with answers0

lower body Muscle Sheet with answers0 - Name Gluteous...

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Name Origin Gluteous maximus Posterior 1/4 of the iliac crest, posterior sacrum, and coccyx Retus femoris anterior inferior iliac spine, posterior grove just superior to the acetabulum vastus lateralis intertrochanteric line, anterior and inferior boarders of greater trochanter, upper 1/2 of linea aspera vastus medialis Entire linea aspera of femur and medial condyloid ridge of femur vastus intermedius upper 2/3 or anterior femur Gastrocnemius medial and lateral femoral condyles Soleous Posterior tibia and fibula Tensor Fascia Latae Anterior iliac crest and inferior portion just below crest Ischial tuberrosity Semimembranosus Ischial tuberrosity Biceps femoris Long head - Ischial tuberrosity; short head – lateral oblique ridge of femur Semitendinosus
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Insertion Action Lateral oblique ridge of femur; iliotibial band Hip extension, external rotation, adduction, abduction patella and tibial tuberosity hip flexion, knee extension, anterior pelvic tilt/rotation
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