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spe 1290 study guide - SPE 1290-01503 Interperonal...

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Unformatted text preview: SPE 1290-01503 Interperonal Communications OCC- Winter 2010 Prof. Bennett Study Guide SPE 1290 Review Chapters 1-4 and Appendix on Interviewing Chapters 1 & 2 1. How does the book define a good communicator? A good communicator achieves one's goal in a manner that ideally maintains or enhances the relationship in which it occurs. ( In other words, your a good communicator if you get your point across and the other person you are communicating with understands you) 2. From the ages of 6 to 18, do most Americans spend more time in school or watching TV & playing video games? 3. What happens when people are divorced from social groups? They are more likely to become sick, die and early death, get cancer, be hospitalized for mental problems and get colds. 4. How do we spend most of our communication time? Listening 5. Is there always one ideal way to communicate? No there are many different ways to communicate. The best way to communicate depends on the situation (or it's situational). 6. What are the characteristics of communication competence? The characteristics of communication competence include: • Having a wide range of behaviors • Having the ability to choose the most appropriate behavior • Having skill at performing behaviors • Having empathy/perspective taking • Cognitive Complexity • Using Self-monitoring • Having Commitment to relationships. 7. How do we use our personal narratives? 8. What is empathy? A self-fulfilling prophecy? Impression Management? (& We use this how?) Empathy is the ability to re-create another person's perspective, to experience the world from another person's point-of-view ( example: I can imagine what it would be like to be blind) Self-fulfilling prophecy is when a person's expectation of an outcome and subsequent behavior makes the outcome more likely to occur than would otherwise have been true. (example: I just know I'm going to screw up my speech because I'm going to forget what to say...then being so nervous that you actually forget what to say.) Impression Management is using strategic communication to influence others perception of you. (example: 9. What I perceive to be true may not be what you perceive to be true because… 10. How does self-talk have an impact on performance? 11. How should we go about making a change? (2 questions) 12. People with a high or low self concept do what? People with a high self-concept are more willing to communicate, work harder and are more comfortable with superiors. People with a low self-concept are critical of others, they expect rejection, they are critical of their own performance and they fell threatened by people they view superior. 13. Do we usually judge ourselves more charitably?...
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spe 1290 study guide - SPE 1290-01503 Interperonal...

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