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Chapter 1 and ceps examfall 111 - Chapter 1 Lecture CEPS...

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The Teaching Profession and You Take Home Exam—Unit 1—Fall 2011 Foundations of American Education Dr. Jennifer J. Endicott Due at the beginning of class on September 13, 2011 Record your answers on the green scantron you were given in class. Print your first and last name, Foundations, CRN Number (hour box),and September 13, 2011 on the scantron in the correct place. Complete the test by yourself. Remember you signed a Code of Ethics Statement. MULTIPLE CHOICE: SELECT THE SINGLE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION 1. Teachers’ salaries a. vary from state to state and community to community b. have risen about 40 percent beyond cost of living in the last two decades c. have finally reached the level that most teachers feel is adequate d. all of the above 2. One reason why teachers with more experience and higher levels of education become frustrated in their careers is a. the growing salary gap between experienced teachers and experienced workers in other fields b. more experienced teachers are typically assigned more challenging students and grow tired of dealing with classroom management problems c. staff development programs tend to repeat topics every ten years, and teachers grow weary of attending the same workshops a second or even third time d. the fatigue and frustration of planning new lessons each year 3. According to a study by the National Education Association, most teachers are a. so unhappy with working conditions that they are considering leaving the profession b. unconcerned about factors affecting their working conditions, such as workload and salary c. while not perfect, pretty satisfied with their jobs and their working conditions d. disillusioned by the lack of support from school administrators 4. According to the textbook, in a recent study, what percentage of new teachers said they would choose to enter the teaching profession again? a. a disappointing 10 percent b. about 1 in 4 c. about half d. an overwhelming majority 1
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5. Which of the following would BEST support an argument that teaching is a profession today? a. alternative licensure programs b. teacher competency tests c. board certification d. undergraduate teacher preparation programs 6. The goal of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is to a. create a nationwide curriculum for elementary schools b. assess and certify highly competent teachers c. develop and disseminate a checklist of professional goals and behaviors that all teachers must meet d. support legislative efforts to improve teacher quality on state and national levels 7. Education professors believe that it is very important for new teachers to a. select a grade level to teach that they most enjoyed when they were students themselves b. be lifelong learners, and committed to teaching students to be active learners c. advise students to explore vocational careers, especially if such careers are an integral part of family history
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Chapter 1 and ceps examfall 111 - Chapter 1 Lecture CEPS...

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