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Diversity Assignment: Who Am I? Paper or Online: Professor of Record Choice Assignment Description: This assignment consists of three parts. Part A is about who you are. Part B is a reflective section about who you are and how your experiences can be a positive influence in your future classroom. Part C as a small group you will meet prior to the exam to discuss your reflections. Points will be awarded as Pre-exam points for completing the paper and group discussion. Bring this paper assignment to class. Directions: Upper Right-hand corner of Page 1: Name, Assignment Title, Date, CRN # and Group Letter or Number (if required) Type paper —12 font—Times New Roman Preferred Part A. Retype bolded numbers and words and respond individually to the question. Part A. Single space within the responses and double space between the questions. . Part B. Copy B and the question and respond. Skip two lines and then respond—using double spacing and paragraphs—need at least 3 paragraphs. Indent first word of each paragraph.
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