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Found Syllabus F 2011 Endicott - University of Central...

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Department of Professional Teacher Education UCO Conceptual Framework – Reflective, Responsive, and Resourceful Preparing outstanding professionals who are reflective, responsive, and resourceful throughout their professional careers. The Department of Professional Teacher Education is committed to helping students learn by providing a range of transformative learning experiences in discipline knowledge and in five other core areas: leadership; research, creative and scholarly activities; service learning and civic engagement; global and cultural competencies; and health and wellness.” Fall 2011 Course Syllabus Each person enrolled in the course is responsible for reading the syllabus and complying with its requirements. COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: PTE 3023 Foundations of American Education and Field Experience CREDIT HOURS: Three (3) semester hours- undergraduate CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course is a study of the historical, philosophical, political and sociological understanding of education in the United States with an emphasis on organization, administration and current issues. The course includes a required 30 hours of supervised field experience in an approved school. Addendum: This course meets multiple competencies/standards from the UCO Conceptual Framework, The Oklahoma Competencies for Licensure; and the Learned Society. In addition, the course covers information about the required State of Oklahoma licensure examinations and the CEPS program induction components for all majors. This is the recommended first course in the College of Education and Professional Studies Professional Teacher Education Sequence courses and is designed to meet specific requirements. If the student cannot meet the course requirements at this time, then the student should consider taking the course at a later date. COURSE PRE-REQUISITE: junior level recommended COURSE COORDINATOR/PROFESSOR OF RECORD: Jennifer J. R. Endicott, Ph.D. Present Position: Professor of Education in Department of Professional Education Education: Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science Masters of Education in School Administration Certification: Teaching Certificates in Secondary (History/Sociology/Economics) and Elementary Education and School Administration Education Work Experience: Public School Classroom Teacher in Elementary & Middle School, School Principal, University- Graduate Assistant, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor Office Information : Dr. Endicott Center for Transformative Learning (CTL) 2 nd Floor 212—located Northeast of the University Center—Administrative Secretary will assist you—Ms JoAnn Morton e-mail [email protected] –Use email to contact me, if needed. Do not contact me for absences unless you have documentation you want considered for course points not earned due to absence and/or want to make an appointment outside of listed office hours. Dr. Endicott’s Phone:
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This note was uploaded on 09/23/2011 for the course PTE 3032 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '11 term at University of Central Oklahoma.

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Found Syllabus F 2011 Endicott - University of Central...

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