Unit 2 Hist Found Fall 2011

Unit 2 Hist Found Fall 2011 - Foundations of American...

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Unformatted text preview: Foundations of American EducationUnit I IHistory of American Education Roots of Colonial Education in the United States Part I: Ancient Era:400 B.C. -100 A.D. (19 minutes) A. Greek: development of individual, citizens, wealthstressed intellectual/grammar, logic and rhetoricwhole childbecome effective citizens 1. Socratesknowledge is virtuelife within 2. Platoideal/universal concepts & t ruth 3. Aristotle realitypurpose of education was intellectual and moral virtue and state mandates B. Roman: classic liberal arts education 1. child taught by wealthy father within the home-malesvery few females 2. Greek way was absorbed by the conquering Romansadopted the Greek Education Model 3. Quintilian empirical/concern for individual differences/make learning interesting/psychology of education 4. Vespasian graduate education/eventually law, medicine, architecture/mathematics 5. Questions Still Debated: Aristotle asked a. Purpose of Education? Knowledge/Moral Virtue/Job Preparation b. Who Controls Education? State or Individual c. Educate boys or girls? ____________________________________________________________ Part I I. European Middle Ages : 400 A.D.-1300 A.D. A. Dark Ages-Church/State: church teachingsstate/church control Alcuin 7 liberal arts knowledgeunder conquering King CharlemagneConqueror who appointed Alcuin to educatestarted Cathedral schools, created laws for schools, Charlemagne was unable to read, but brilliant B. Revival of Learning rediscovering the Roman and Greek writings C. Thomas Aquinas Catholic scholar convinced the church to use reason to week will of Godharmonized the doctrines of church with philosophy & education D. Universities: Oxford 1206writings that were lost from the ancient Greeks and Romans were found and intellectualism began to grow again _______________________________________________________________________ Part I I I. Renaissance (1300-1500) 1 Humanistic scholars/classical studies/moral learning and child development ________________________________________________________________________ Part IV. Reformation (1500-1700) A. Martin Luther Northern Europe 1. right of individual to read and interpret the bible for him/herself 2. Education for both sexes, all classes and state controlled B. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Priest 1. Created Jesuit Teacher training to counteract Reformation 2. Sent Jesuits to all Spanish colonies Part V. Modern Period (1700s) A. Age of Reasonintellectual revolt against superstition & ignorance B. Common Man: Key Influences on American Education 1. Rousseau: each child is natural/corrupted by man/male only education/upper class 2. Pestalozzi: treat students with love and kindness/objects & sensory perception training 3. Froebel: kindergarten for all/women best suited for this/social development & learn by7 doing 4. Herbart: formalized the structure of teachingscience of teaching has steps to...
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Unit 2 Hist Found Fall 2011 - Foundations of American...

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