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General Psychology PSY 1103-11436 -- Fall, 2010 MWF 10:00-10:50 a.m. ~ EDU Rm. 115 INSTRUCTOR Kimberly Thomas, Adjunct Instructor of Psychology [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment REQUIRED TEXTS Comer, R., and Gould, E. (2011). Psychology Around Us. Wiley: New Jersey. Course Description: 1. The student will understand research methodology and findings. 2. The student will name and define basic brain processes involved in sensation, perception, cognition, memory, learning and intelligence. 3. The student will identify and describe human personality development and psychopathology, and the empirically validated treatment of common mental disorders. 4. The student will indicate knowledge of the effects of drugs, medications, sleep and stress on psychological and physical health. 5. The student will evaluate and predict the influence of emotion and motivations on his/her own behavior and the behaviors of others, including personal and social factors. REQUIRED RESEARCH PARTICIPATION Each student enrolled in PSYCH 1103-0 is required to earn three (3) credits in psychological experiments or write a three (3) page research paper (APA style) on an assigned topic. All experiments will be completed through Sona, an on-line program that allows you to register your name, sign up for experiments when they are available, and receive credit for participation. Instructions for Sona are available through WebCT. Failure to complete the required research participation will result in a penalty for the final course grade. No penalty will be applied if you complete either the three (3) research participations or complete a satisfactory term paper. Do not miss class for experiments! These credits are worth a total of 100 points toward the final grade. REQUIRED PAPER
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GENMWF10syllabus - GeneralPsychology PSY110311436Fall,2010...

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