Test1-study guide - religion to one based on science 23...

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Test #1 study guide 1. Definition of Psychology  2. How has the study of the mind changed across psychology's history? 3. Goal of psychology  4. What is the relationship between a culture and a group? 5. Hippocrates 6. Wundt 7. The first psychology lab was built in what year? 8. What was studied in the first psychology lab? 9. Introspection 10. In which of the goals of psychology were the structuralists MOST interested? 11. Which perspective most immediately replaced structuralism in the early days of  scientific psychology? 12. William James wrote an important early textbook in psychology; what was it  called? 13. Gestalt psychology 14. Freud's psychoanalytic theory 15. the scientific method 16. hypothetico-deductive reasoning 17. A  theory 18. A law 19. A hypothesis 20. Behaviorism 21. Pseudopsychology 22. In which century did psychology move from a field based on philosophy and 
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Unformatted text preview: religion to one based on science? 23. Which discipline is credited with transforming psychology from a philosophical field to a scientific one? 24. Why is psychology so often misrepresented and misapplied? 25. Variables: independent/dependent 26. Operational definition 27. Descriptive research methods 28. Nature vs. nurture 29. Quantitative vs. qualitative 30. What is the difference between a critical period and a sensitive period? 31. Longitudinal research 1 Test #1 study guide 32. Cross-sectional research 33. How long is the prenatal stage in human beings? 34. What prenatal stage comprises the first two weeks following conception? 35. Phenotype 36. Genotype 37. Ainsworth’s attachment styles 2...
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Test1-study guide - religion to one based on science 23...

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