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business plan for bus210 checkpoint - The business plan...

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Unformatted text preview: The business plan that I chose was the hair and beauty salon business plan. This business plan is a lot like the plan I want to use for my own company some day. This business plan has strength and opportunities to earn a lot of money in the near future. This plan has a lot of potential to become an actual business. This salon has many strengths, for instance this salon does hair, nails, and skin care. Many salons do not do skin care. Most salons only do hair and nails. This salon also has a very good marketing strategy. This salon has the potential to make quite a bit of money in just the first year alone. This salon does not have any weaknesses from what I can see. I see too many strengths for this salon to be able to see any weaknesses. This salon has a lot of financial opportunity. The opportunities this salon has are as follows, this salon has the potential to make an average of twenty five thousand dollars a year per employee. This salon has the potential to earn as much as fifty four thousand eight hundred and seventy employee....
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