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checkpoint week 4 day 5 - please I assure you that you will...

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The unwanted comments I wouldn’t want to get are bad feedback, someone saying that they don’t like my ideas. The steps I would take to ensure that I convey the purpose of my message to my audience is I would make sure that my point is right. I would ensure that my tone was professional and that I was dressed professionally. Hi, The purpose of this presentation is to show you that my product is awesome. Lol. If you use my product it will make you very happy . You will totally like this product . This product Has a lot of awesome features that I know you will use, not like those other people ive tried to sell my product to. So please pay very close attention to the attached video presentation. Jasmyne Welcome, My name is Jasmyne Carson, I am writing this email to you to show you how my product works. If i could have a moment of your time for you to view the powerpoint presentation I have attached
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Unformatted text preview: please. I assure you that you will like my product. My product has very many useful features I think that you would enjoy. Please contact me with any question or comments that you may have about my product. Thank you for your time and have a very nice day. Sincerely Jasmyne Carson Email [email protected] Phone.217-663-5644 The difference between these two emails is that in the first email was not professional at all. The second email was professional. The tone in both emails are different the first email the tone was very friendly and not professional. The second emails tone was not friendly but it was very professional. When writing emails to any business your tone and your purpose has to be very professional....
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