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The first essay that I read was how to fillet fish. The characteristics that make that an expository essay, is that the author talked about how to fillet fish and he used examples and evidence in his writing. I think the author used topic in his type of organization. The reason that I think that he used topic was to teach people how to fillet fish and the different ways to fillet a fish. I think that the author couldn’t use a different type of organization. The way that it made the essay effective was that he used facts and examples in his writing and he also kept it short. The second essay that I read was the art of cookery. I think the author used space order as his or her type of organization. I think the author used that type of
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Unformatted text preview: organization to show the readers the proper way to set a table. I think the author could also use time order with his or her essay. I think it would show the readers the proper time to place the things on the table when it came to setting it. The characteristics that made this an expository essay was that the author used objects and facts in their writing. I think the essays are similar, because both of the authors used facts in their writings and they also stayed on the topic and they did not go too far in details to make their writings boring. I think the writings are different, because each author used a different type of organization in their writing and they also used different types of facts in their writings....
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