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essay for com 150 revised

essay for com 150 revised - WOMEN WITH TATTOOS AND...

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WOMEN WITH TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS Many people who have tattoos think that they are a work of art. I am here to tell you that women get “put down” or discriminated against for expressing themselves through tattoos. Although many tattoos tell stories women are forced to cover them up when it comes to having a job. Men however do not get discriminated for their “works of art”. Women having tattoos are more likely to have second thoughts about their permanent body markings; I ask myself why that would be. Women having tattoos is just like a man having tattoos. Tattoos are a form of art in which women like to express them selves as well. Society does not support women having tattoos. This isn't a problem for men. Society supports men, because tattoos are related to a macho image, so why question it? I read this on a website and I quote “Women having tattoos seems to be a transgression of gender boundaries”. I do not understand why people would say something like that; tattoos are a work of art. Many women say that they are forced to cover up their tattoos with clothing, bandages or make-up to avoid negative reactions in public. Although the tattoos may not be offensive it is still required for women to cover up their tattoos, but men do not have to. I remember when I
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