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final project com220 - Do you truly know what the dangers...

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Do you truly know what the dangers of meth are to the body? Meth has many dangers to the body, for example meth causes high heart rates and it also can make your teeth fall out. Meth also can do damage to the liver. Meth is a drug that has become easily to find on the streets and people also cook in what they call labs. In those labs there are many dangerous and flammable chemicals. If something goes wrong that meth lab is going to blow up. The people who do meth will ruin not just their lives but the lives of others if that meth lab blows up. Meth is a drug that is easily addicted to, after one use the person is usually hooked on meth. The person will put their health at risk and keep the dealers busy just to get the next high. The day after the person uses the drug they began to feel sick, they also get depressed and guilty about there actions. There are many different forms a person can use meth. I have included a table of the different ways that a person can use the drug. Smoking meth Snorting meth Shooting up oral The impure form of taking in meth. It effects the teeth and very dangerous to the lungs. It is a powerful nasal decongestant and users that usually snort it have clear nasal passages. It also makes the teeth rotten since the nasal passage is connected to the mouth. The popular way to use meth among users. Have serious side effects. Risks of losing teeth, rashes called speed bumps and also a high risk of transporting blood born diseases. The least way of taking meth. It can’t harm the teeth or the skin cells. The high from the drug is not the same as from taking it the other ways. Meth does not only affect the person that is using the drug, It also affects their loved ones and friends. They will steal from them just to get the next high. They will do anything at any cost just to get the next high. It also makes the person very paranoid and they usually start seeing things that are truly there. “Meth use is usually hard to detect at first. However, it is easily revealed if the observer knows what warning signs to look for. Meth users exhibit a number of physical and psychological conditions that can be identified with meth. Among them are: dilated pupils, insomnia, decreased appetite and possible weight loss, increased agitation and physical activity, excited speech, intense paranoia, possible hallucinations or delusions, episodes of sudden, violent anger, repetitious behaviors such as pick at skin, tooth loss, acne/sores, increased sweating/body odor”. (.
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final project com220 - Do you truly know what the dangers...

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