HIS 125 week 3 due day 4 checkpoint

HIS 125 week 3 due day 4 checkpoint - HIS 125 week 3 due...

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HIS 125 week 3 due day 4 checkpoint Part 1 There were many cities that were established due to the growth in the railroads. Railroads were a very good invention/ idea. Railroads are very important and have been very important since day one because the trains on the railroads carry many different items such as different types of goods including vehicles or people or even animals. The social and economic changes that transpired from the growth of the railroad and the establishment of the new cities was very good. With train service there is a lot of money being saved as far as shipping costs among other things. Before the railroads were invented the only way to ship items was either by a cattle drive or just by something that is like a mail service. The social and economic changed significantly following the growth of the railroads. The railroads brought ease of buying and selling of goods. Railroads are the best invention ever because if there were not any railroads there would be a lot of problems trying to ship different items. Part 2
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