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HIS 125 week 3 due day 7

HIS 125 week 3 due day 7 - HIS 125 week 3 due day 7 Jasmyne...

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HIS 125 week 3 due day 7 Jasmyne Carson John Rockefeller was an American oil magnate. He revolutionized the petroleum industry. He founded the standard oil company in eighteen seventy and he ran the company aggressively until he retired in eighteen ninety seven. The standard oil company began as an Ohio partnership formed by John Rockefeller, his brother William Rockefeller, Henry Flagler, Jabez Bostwick, chemist Samuel Andrews, and a silent partner Stephen Harkness. As kerosene and gasoline grew more important Rockefellers wealth sky rocketed and he soon became the world’s richest man, and the first and only American to become worth more than a billion dollars. Rockefeller was often referred to as the richest person in history. His business grew to the level that it did because of the ever growing need for gasoline and kerosene. If Rockefeller had not of started his business there would not be a need for gasoline or kerosene. Now there are many things that need to run on gasoline some even on kerosene. Gasoline is
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