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HIS 125 week 4 due day 4 checkpoint

HIS 125 week 4 due day 4 checkpoint - the industrial...

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HIS 125 week 4 due day 4 checkpoint Jasmyne Carson The social, economic, and political changes that played a role in the changing vibrant city culture would be as follows, the social changes were more people came to America which helped shape the economy. People stopped farming and got factory jobs because of the industrial revolution. Technology came into play and the old ways were out. With the old ways out and the new ways in the economy started to increase. Those changes were significant to the growth and change in the country as a whole because with
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Unformatted text preview: the industrial revolution it caused everyone to get factory jobs and with factory jobs the economy increased because the companies were making even more money. Since the companies were making more money the companies made more products. The companies had to use trains to make travel a lot easier. The companies used trains to send their products around the world. The trains helped with shipping and receiving....
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