HIS 125 week 7 due day 4

HIS 125 week 7 due day 4 - so many people who had invested...

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HIS 125 week 7 due day 4 Jasmyne Carson One of the events or cause of the great depression would be the stock market crash which had a lot of people rather fearful of their financial futures which was very understandable. It also caused people to purchase less than normal which led to fewer products that had to be made. The crash led to people losing over forty billion dollars. Another event that led to the great depression would be that over nine thousand banks had failed in the nineteen thirties. The banks that failed did not insure the deposits that people made
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Unformatted text preview: so many people who had invested their entire life savings basically lost them. Another event that caused the great depression would be the government putting a high tax on imports which meant that foreign countries would not trade with America. The economy now is heading in the same direction the government is putting high taxes on everything. In fact Illinois just passed a bill for a sixty six percent increase on taxes. I think it is wrong just because the state has lost money does not mean we should have to pay for their mistakes....
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