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Programming for Performance: Assignment 2 Patrick Lam Due: February 10, 2011 The primary goal of this assignment is to get you parallelizing C code for a simple task with minimal inter-thread communication. I recommend using one of the parallelization patterns that I described in Lectures 7 and 8. The Task You will create a program that reads JPEG files, rotates them according to their EXIF data 1 , and creates a montage of the files. You can find exiftran , a good starting point, in the fbida project: http://linux.bytesex.org/fbida/ You can write your solution in any language you like; it’s probably best to follow our solution and write it in C. Spawn parallel threads and process JPEG in the threads. Input and output Your program should take command-line parameters: an optional parameter for the number of threads (e.g. -t 5 ), a mandatory parameter for the output directory (e.g. -out outputDir ), and then a list of JPEG files as input. It should output the transformed files into the output directory, along with a file
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Unformatted text preview: montage.jpg containing thumbnails for all of the input files. The montage should contain 50 × 50 thumbnails for the input files, in rows of five inputs. Tips All of the JPEG library code that you need should be present in fbida . In particular, look at the code in exiftran.c and genthumbnail.c . I will post a single-threaded C solution on the course website. Evaluation and deliverables Submit your code. Indicate required libraries (we’ll have libjpeg6b installed). Include a paragraph explain-ing your design structure (may be in the form of code comments). If your program satisfies the specification, you’ll get full marks. Parallelizing the rotation will account for 70 points, and parallelizing the montage will account for 30 points. 1 Good digital cameras have an orientation sensor, so that you don’t have to rotate all of your JPEGs manually. 1...
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