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Programming for Performance (ECE459): Pre-midterm Study Questions for Final I’ll choose one of these four questions to put on the final. Answer the questions in your answer book. You may consult any printed material (books, notes, etc). Question A: Restrict Qualifier Write down a C function with restrict -qualified pointer arguments. Make sure that a compiler could profitably use the restrict qualifiers. Also write down a call to your C function which does not satisfy the conditions of the restrict qualifier, and discuss the possible results of that call. Question B: Thread Pools I may ask one of the following two questions: Show me an example of an incorrect execution that might occur if you wrote if (queue.isEmpty()) instead of while (queue.isEmpty()) while implementing a thread pool (see Lecture 10 notes). Incorporate some control logic into the skeleton thread pool implementation in Lecture 10. (I alluded to this in the notes, where I wrote that Java thread pools may supply a
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final-premidterm-studyguide-Apr2011 - Programming for...

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