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Gunboat Democracy summaries - GunboatDemocracyCrandall...

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Gunboat Democracy - Crandall   Book critique    12 messages - 0 unread  You will post acritique of the book by Robert Crandall -  Gunboat Democracy.  Be sure to include the major  thesesbrought out by the author as well as your evaluation of  the validity of hismain arguments and how effective you  believe he was in getting his points across. Your critique,  which should be posted on the discussion board, should not  exceed two pages (or their equivalent).   I encourage you  tocomment on the posts of your classmates. Effect of the media    8 messages - 0 unread  What effect did the media play in America's LatinAmerica Policy? Did the media play the lap dog, watchdog or attack dogrole? Grenada    6 messages - 0 unread  Evaluate the operation in Grenada. What does the author say in reference to the situation facing the Reagan administration prior to the invasion? Why did the Reagan administration act in the manner it did?   Panama    10 messages - 0 unread  The Dominican operation and the invasion of Grenada share a common theme—they can both be directly linked to American fears of Communist encroachment in the region. Describe the dynamics behind the American decision to intervene in Panama? What were the primary motivations for U.S. intervention there?   U.S. Justification    7 messages - 0 unread  According to Crandall, was the United States justified in taking
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action in the three areas described in the book?   Re: Gunboat Review   David Litteral  Nov 15, 2010 7:29 PM  TC, I can't argue that the outcome of the three democracies has been  fairly successful. However, I personally found the book to be a bit  boring.  David  <<< Replied to message below >>> Authored by: TC Jennings Authored on: Nov 15, 2010 5:07 PM Subject: Gunboat Review Gunboat Democracy; U.S. Interventions in the Dominican Republic, Grenada and Panama  by  Russell Crandall is well written and entertaining while also providing analysis on three of the more  dynamic situations in Latin-America; Grenada, Dominican Republic, and Panama. The author  opens up the book with a summarization of American political motives while also providing a  unbiased assessment of the U.S. policy of intervention and occupation in Latin-America. Crandall is clearly comfortable in defending American intervention in Latin-America and provides  a stimulating book to defend his points. Crandall points out that, “democracy could also have  easily taken much longer to put down deep roots [without U.S. intervention].”[1]  Crandall defends  military intervention in Latin America on the grounds that the defense of democracy must be  upheld all over the world. As long as democracy flourishes, Crandall maintains, intervention was a 
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Gunboat Democracy summaries - GunboatDemocracyCrandall...

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