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invasion discussion - Title GunboatDemocracyCrandall...

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  Title Gunboat Democracy - Crandall   Book critique    0 messages - 0 unread  You will post acritique of the book by Robert Crandall - Gunboat Democracy. Be sure to include the major thesesbrought out by the author as well as your evaluation of the validity of hismain arguments and how effective you believe he was in getting his points across. Your critique, which should be posted on the discussion board, should not exceed two pages (or their equivalent). I encourage you tocomment on the posts of your classmates. Effect of the media    0 messages - 0 unread  What effect did the media play in America's LatinAmerica Policy? Did the media play the lap dog, watchdog or attack dogrole? Grenada    0 messages - 0 unread  Evaluate the operation in Grenada. What does the author say in reference to the situation facing the Reagan administration prior to the invasion? Why did the Reagan administration act in the manner it did?   U.S. Justification    0 messages - 0 unread  According to Crandall, was the United States justified in taking action in the three areas described in the book?   Justified
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In reverse order, Panama’s mission was changed to Operation Just Cause. The United States certainly wanted to give the impression there was significant justification for invading the isthmus. The author detailed President Bush’s reasons for military action: the protection of American lives, defending the Panama Canal, bringing Noriega to justice, and promoting democracy within the Central American country. (Crandall, 208) This action did not have the overall objective in curbing communism in the Western Hemisphere as the Soviet Union was in the midst of collapse at that time. The author also noted the unwritten justifications being the war on drugs and eliminating the “wimp” factor branded the current President. I remember the lead-up to this invasion very well. I think the images of the elected Vice-President Billy Ford covered in blood, as Noriega’s “Dignity Battalions” were beating demonstrators in the street, played a significant role in galvanizing American public opinion. Grenada was invaded in 1983, on similar grounds the justification was based on the protection of American lives. The overriding justification was the close ties to Cuban/Soviet communism the leadership of Grenada was eliciting. Thousands of Cuban civilian and military personnel were already on the ground in Grenada. The re-design of its airport, increasing the length of the airport runway was used as an example that the
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invasion discussion - Title GunboatDemocracyCrandall...

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