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Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 3 Dr. Coumbe History 5010 Gaddis’ theory that American interests was to balance the power within the world, not remake it: Gaddis based his assumptions on the work of Kissinger and Kennan. There is a multipolar equilibrium, not just two super-powers. The Flexible Response method used by Kennedy helped maintain a balance of power with communism. The use of unconventional forces increased the range of options for the President. Examples include the bargaining of missiles in Turkey to avert the Cuban Missile Crisis. Reducing troops in Vietnam and making inroads to China while bombing the North. Does “Linkage” fit into this category? The United States averted all out war to achieve global cooperation for economic security. America believed that new emerging countries should be given the opportunity for self-determination.
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Unformatted text preview: Both Republican and Democratic administrations believed in the zero-sum gain principle. If a third world country was lost to communism, it was a loss to the entire free world. Comparing Gaddis and LaFeber from Kennedy through Reagan: Both were similar in their depiction of containment from Eisenhower forward. The disagreement seemed to come out when discussing the outcomes of the Carter and Reagan administrations. LaFeber believed Reagan was just continuing Carters policies and the groundwork had been set in the final years of Carter. Gaddis notes that the Carter administration failed to develop a coherent foreign policy and was more focused on human rights. Gaddis maintained the US military build up was but one factor that lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Is it too soon to judge President Carter?...
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